Wallpaper Calculator

Use this handy wallpaper calculator to estimate how many rolls you will need so you can finish the job seamlessly. We always advise that you consult with your decorator before ordering.

1. Measure your room wall by wall.

2. Enter the height and width of each wall.

2. See how many rolls you will need for the job. 

10% extra is added for waste.

Different designs will require varying quantities depending on the match type and the size of the repeat. Please check on the pattern data section of each design on the website.

Offset match: This means the 1st and 3rd strips of wallpaper are cut the same, while the 2nd strip is cut like the 4th.

Straight Match: Quite simply, this means that the pattern repeats across the width of the wallpaper strip. It is easier to visualise the whole pattern so the wallpapering job often goes quicker with a straight pattern match.

Remember: The table is meant to be used as a guide only. Roll usage can depend on the pattern repeat of your chosen wallpaper so it's best to over-estimate than to be caught short. This calculator does not allow for doors or windows. Annika Reed Studio is not liable for any surplus or shortage in the number of rolls of wallpaper based from these calculations.

We will be happy to help you figure it out – just ask.