A Leopard Never Changes it's Spots Wallpaper ~ Blue

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Handcrafted from woodblock prints
Made to order
Made in the UK

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A Leopard Never Changes it's Spots Wallpaper

Introducing 'A Leopard Never Changes His Spots' – a design that captivates the bold and adventurous. In the heart of interior design wisdom, there's a vibrant tale told by "A Leopard Never Changes His Spots" wallpaper. It's a joyful rebellion against fleeting trends.

This playful wallpaper is your partner in sustainability, declaring that true style transcends fads. Inspired by the wisdom that a leopard's spots endure, it promises a bold and timeless charm, making it a delightful haven for the young and the young at heart.

Perfect for those who delight in curiosity and wonder, this wallpaper features a lively pattern that awakens the playful spirit within us all.

Available in a subtle shade of blue, it offers a serene backdrop that mirrors the tranquillity of the sky, making any room a calming oasis that encourages exploration and creativity.


      Delivery: Made to order please allow up to 3 weeks

      Please ensure you order the correct number of rolls to maintain continuity between batches. 

      Paper: Non woven

      Roll Dimensions: W 52cm x H 10m

      Wall cover per roll is approximately: 5.2m² 

      Pattern Repeat: W 26cm x H18cm (approx) 

      Colourway: Available in subtle shades of green and blue

      Hanging Method: Paste the wall 

      Print: Digital 


      A Leopard Never Changes His Spots, it's a story woven into your walls, a timeless piece that captures the essence of individuality. It's a joyful expression of individuality and a celebration of your unique character and of those who dare to stand out.

      The saying "A Leopard Never Changes His Spots" traditionally implies that people cannot change their fundamental nature. However, in the context of this wallpaper design, it's beautifully reframed to celebrate the positive aspects of consistency and authenticity in one's style and personality.