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Handcrafted from woodblock prints
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Pair of Cats Wallpaper 

Enhance your home with the enchanting charm of the Pair of Cats wallpaper, a design that marries Victorian elegance with the mischievous allure of cats.

This wallpaper, a playful reinterpretation of our well-loved Pair of Dogs, is crafted to spread happiness throughout the dwellings of cat lovers. Imagine this design in your space, resonating with the Victorian tradition of unique, impactful decor.

It offers not only beauty but also a story of joyful connections, capturing the lively spirit of cats and inviting it into your home's core.


      Delivery: Made to order please allow up to 3 weeks

      Please ensure you order the correct number of rolls to maintain continuity between batches. 

      Paper: Non woven

      Roll Dimensions: W 52cm x H 10m

      Wall cover per roll is approximately: 5.2m² 

      Pattern Repeat: W52 x H26 (approx) 

      Colourway: Pair of Cats come in two vintage colourway

      Hanging Method: Paste the wall 

      Print: Digital 


      Step into a fanciful journey with our Pair of Cats wallpaper – a delightful synthesis of Victorian grandeur and the playful spirit of our feline friends. Born from the nostalgia of Staffordshire dog figurines from my childhood, this design takes a charming twist to pay tribute to the enduring history of feline companions and the captivating world of Staffordshire flatback pottery.

      Envision the Pair of Cats gracing your walls, creating a whimsical ambiance that mirrors the Victorian era's appreciation for unique and significant ornamentation.