Pomegranate Linen

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Handcrafted from woodblock prints
Made to order
Made in the UK

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Pomegranate Linen

Our Pomegranate Linen captures the vibrant essence of the pomegranate, bringing a joyful and sophisticated touch to any space.

Perfect for creating a lively atmosphere in kitchens, this linen also adds a unique charm to dining rooms, living areas, and commercial settings like restaurants and cafes. Its versatile design ensures it can elevate both residential and commercial interiors with its bold and playful allure.

Delivery: Made to order please allow up to 3 weeks

Please ensure you order the correct number of rolls to maintain continuity between batches. 

Paper: Non woven

Roll Dimensions: W 52cm x H 10m

Wall cover per roll is approximately: 5.2m² 

Pattern Repeat: W 26cm x H26cm (approx) 

Colourway: Pomegranate comes in 2 fruity colourways. Dusk, and Raspberry. 

Hanging Method: Paste the wall 

Print: Digital 


Have you ever used a pin to eat a pomegranate? 

What beautiful, strange, fun, and dazzling fruits they are. An ode to a childhood memory of plucking each tiny seed out with a pin, without ever accomplishing a whole one.  This wallpaper is pure joie de vivre and celebrates the pomegranate in all its juicy glory.