Solstice Sun Irish Linen

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Handcrafted from woodblock prints
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Solstice Sun Irish Linen

Solstice Sun: Enchant Your Home with the Spirit of Midsummer

Introducing Solstice Sun ~ a captivating design that brings the enchanting spirit of the British solstice into your home. This Irish linen fabric celebrates the longest day of the year, wrapping your space in the sun's golden warmth. With its radiant hues and luminous joy, Solstice Sun transforms any room, inviting the timeless glow of midsummer into your living space.

Perfect for those who wish to infuse their surroundings with warmth, brilliance, and a nod to enduring folklore, this Irish linen fabric is a dazzling addition that brings the solstice celebration indoors.

The soft, natural texture of Irish linen adds elegance and comfort to your home, making it an ideal choice for curtains, upholstery, and other soft furnishings.


      Irish Linen is printed and woven in the UK and sourced from a Master of Linen Certified Company.

      Printed Width: 140cm

      Pattern Repeat: W3.25x 3.25cm  

      Fabric Type: 100% Irish Linen

      Care: Dry Clean Only 

      Colourway: Solstice Sun comes in one sunny colourwya

      Usage: Upholstery, soft furnishings, curtains, blinds. 

      Delivery: Printed to order please allow 1 - 3 weeks. 

      Samples: A5 size 


      Step into the radiant world of "Solstice Sun," a wallpaper steeped in the ancient British traditions of the solstice. This design captures the mystical interplay between sunlight and the iconic monoliths of Stonehenge, with golden hues that echo the vibrant dance of light during the longest day of the year.

      Drawing inspiration from the age-old customs of lighting bonfires atop windswept hills and the festive gatherings that welcome the summer, "Solstice Sun" becomes a visual celebration of light’s triumph. Adorning your space with this wallpaper invites not just beauty but a story into your home—an homage to the enduring magic and warmth of British solstice traditions, where history and myth beautifully converge.