Wobble Wallpaper

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Handcrafted from woodblock prints
Made to order
Made in the UK

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Meet Wobble: A Playful Twist on the Classic Stripe

Say hello to Wobble, our delightfully rebellious take on the classic stripe. Watch as these unconventional stripes take a whimsical detour, injecting a burst of joy and spontaneity into your space. Picture your walls transforming into the lively backdrop for an impromptu dance party, bringing fun and energy to the everyday.

Wobble is available in two vibrant colourways: blue and red, and green. Plus, you can choose from two different scales to perfectly suit your style and space.

*Please note there is a small and large scale repeat option


Delivery: Made to order please allow up to 3 weeks

Please ensure you order the correct number of rolls to maintain continuity between batches. 

Paper: Non woven

Roll Dimensions: W 52cm x H 10m

Wall cover per roll is approximately: 5.2m² 

Pattern Repeat: W13cmxH13cm (small)  W26cmxH26cm (large) 

Colourway: Wobble comes in two playful colourways

Hanging Method: Paste the wall 

Print: Digital 


Embark on a whimsical journey with Wobble, where each mischievous stripe rebels against the ordinary. I found inspiration in the belief that life's beauty lies in its spontaneity. Wobble is a celebration of breaking free from straight lines and predictable paths. I envisioned stripes taking a playful detour, injecting joy into the mundane. This pattern is my ode to the vibrant energy that arises when we embrace the unexpected. Wobble is a celebration of the beauty found in life's twists and turns, and an invitation to turn your space into a lively dance of spontaneity. Welcome Wobble into your home and let the spirited narrative unfold.