News of the Walls Nº1

News of the Walls Nº1
news of the walls
Just as the Greeks welcomed the goddesses into every aspect of their lives, you can welcome them into your home. 
Let these five goddesses help bring inspiration to your inbox and wonder to your walls. 
Athena annika reed studio
Goddess of Wisdom and the Arts.
News from the Studio:

With the invention of music and craft under her belt, Athena is the Goddess of wisdom and the Arts. With her guidance, I will be bringing you the latest news from my Studio. 

This week I am excited to announce that all my designs will soon be available as velvet and cotton linen fabrics. Have you got a project on the horizon? Hit reply I would love to know. You will be the first to hear when they are ready to order. 


Goddess of the Harvest. 
News from the Kitchen:

Of all goddesses, Demeter is the nurturer, the goddess of the harvest. The kitchen is a place to cook, but also a space for sharing meals with family and a place of entertainment. In Demeter's kitchen, there is always a promise of plenty. I'll be sharing time-worn recipes from our families kitchen so you can enjoy plenty in yours. 


While we may never agree, jam or cream first. We can all agree that there is nothing like a cream tea! 

Goddess of Hearth and Home. 
Her home is a haven and refuge from all the cares and struggles of the outside world. Here at the heart of the house, pull the chairs close and kindle companionship. 


The mantelpiece is an altar to the interior, a landing strip for the everyday and somewhere I love to stage my keepsakes. I wonder what you keep on yours? 

I discovered this beautiful documentary on the history of the mantelpiece on Radio 4.  You can listen to it here:

Hidden Histories of the Mantelpiece 

Goddess of Beauty.

The goddess Aphrodite is associated with everything relating to the senses. She surrounds herself with beauty and finds beauty whatever she beholds. 

Aphrodite's bedroom is a cocoon, a place to luxuriate without guilt. Come to relax, rejuvenate, dream and play. 

Unusual Hotels

At the moment we can only dream of adventures and far away lands but have a look at these amazing hotels. Ever fancied staying in a painting? You can at the Art Institue of Chicago.

50 of the world's most unusual hotels.

Goddess of Nature.

Natural places instil a sense of peace and inspire wonder. There's no reason you can't bring a bit of that sensibility indoors using wallpaper. Green is the most abundant colour in nature and its variety is without limit. What shade would you choose?  


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