News of the Walls Nº 3

News of the Walls Nº 3
news of the walls
Invoke the power of the goddess and your home becomes a temple to beauty and joy. 
As the wintery days roll into one, it's the small things that are bringing me moments of delight. Let's not put too much pressure on ourselves, let's find moments of magic in the everyday. 
I hope this week's musings fill your four walls with snippets of inspiration. 
Athena annika reed studio
Goddess of Wisdom and the Arts.


This week I am super excited to announce that I have teamed up with Lick and designed two exclusive wallpaper for their collection. Lick share my love of colour and storytelling making it a dream partnership. 

Ready, set, daydream – papers that let your imagination drift. 

Which is your favourite? 


Goddess of the Harvest. 

Of all goddesses, Demeter is the nurturer, the goddess of the harvest. In Demeter's kitchen, there is always a promise of plenty, this week from my kitchen to yours a delicious and nutritious lunch for all the family. 

Recipe Made by Orly. 
Goddess of Hearth and Home. 

Here at the heart of the house, pull the chairs close and kindle companionship. When you can’t go to the art, let the art come to you. 

Here’s some wonderful artist biopics and documentaries available to stream now. My favourite is Maudie, a film to warm your cockles. No matter the abject conditions faced by the Canadian folk artist Maude Lewis she finds solace in painting. 

10 Art Films 

Goddess of Beauty.

Currently in quarantine. 

Goddess of Nature.

This week celebrated the pagan festival of Imbolc, which marks the delicate tipping point of winter and spring. I am so ready for warmer, longer days lounging in parks. But while it's currently snowing outside, I am filling my home with house plants to make me happy. 

10 plants that make you happy 


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