If Walls Could Talk - Discover 5 Unique Wallpapers

If Walls Could Talk - Discover 5 Unique Wallpapers

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I love wallpaper and I am encouraging all homes to ditch the obvious and seek the unique.

What goes on your walls depicts the personalities of the people living between them. I want you to feel proud of your home and let the walls talk for themselves.

Wallpaper should not be boring and has come a long way since the woodchip days of the 80s!

It is so much easier to put up and take down, you only have to paste the wall rather than the paper. Gone are the days of spending the entire weekend scraping off old wallpaper only to find another layer beneath!

1. Climbing Vine is bright and cheerful, this block-print paper can help any space feel full of natural light. It can be paired with warm and cool colours, so will work in a variety of spaces. 

climbing vine wallpaper and mermaid cactus

2. Be bold with colour Chattering of Choughs comes in several colourways, my favourite being Arsenic (will not harm you!) This wallpaper can add moody vibrancy to a dark space or introduce a splash of colour into a lighter one.

Chattering of choughs wallpaper in bedroom


3. Legless Birds of Paradise, experiment with wallpaper in a kitchen or why not get curtains to match to really make a statement!

bird wallpaper in pink kitchen

4. Minimalists can still love wallpaper! Where the Wild Teasels Were sit ordered on your walls and and would not feel too overcrowded.

green luxury wallpaper


5. You don’t need to cover the entire wall to make a statement. You could pick a fun print to cover an area of a wall, talking of fun prints, don’t be afraid to use them! Tyger Tyger doesn’t just look good in the nursery.

tiger wallpaper fun and sophisticated


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